Sustainability Homepage

The University of Alabama’s Commitment to a Sustainable Environment

As the state’s flagship university, The University of Alabama provides an environment that encourages students, faculty, and staff to use their knowledge and resources to have a positive impact on our campus and community. Today, our University faces a local and global challenge to reduce landfill space in the communities in which we live, to save on energy consumption, and to enhance the wellbeing of all.  We are guided by the following principles:

  • Our decisions today will impact every generation to follow.
  • The positive difference we make today increases the quality of life that people will enjoy in years to come.
  • All people both now and in the future need the following basic items: clean water, clean air, healthy food, a good job, and a community and a University that makes everyone proud.

The University of Alabama is committed to having a positive and lasting impact on the lives of Alabama residents through its mission of teaching, research, and service. Our commitment to creating and supporting a sustainable environment is a significant component of that commitment.


The Office of Sustainability will create a more sustainable tomorrow through research, teaching and promoting green initiatives and services within the University and surrounding communities. We will focus on the importance of recycling, reducing consumption, educating others on the importance of sustainability and providing sustainable solutions while being more aware of our environment in our local community as well as regionally, nationally and globally.